No household is complete without our furry companions. Ours is no exception. You’ll find articles about them here:


“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – Robert A. Heinlein Geronimo, the big orange cat, is meowing pitifully from somewhere in the Old Vic. It sounds … Continue reading

No more for you…

Heard around the Meyer casa this morning: “NO! No more coffee for Corgi-dogs!”

Final Stretch

Day 9 dawns: I’m really liking what I’m seeing. Continue reading

A day off?

Day 7: Apparently I suck at days off. Continue reading

The Explanation…

Sooo…yeah…Shorty the Corgi…who is ‘Shorty the Slug’ in the mornings…NOT a morning dog… But…even with those short stubby legs and tubby physique…he’s much faster than he looks…faster than he has any right to be…at least when there’s something he wants … Continue reading

The Girls…

The two Siamese girls… (singin’ ) “We are Siamese if you please…” Well, they have a place…in a nook, or perhaps it’s a cranny, upstairs in a dusty, out of the way dormer of this big old Victorian house. We … Continue reading


Shorty the Corgi decided yesterday to zip out the door (and I mean he put on his serious “zip”…I’ve never seen that dog move that fast) when I answered it for the magic UPS fairy. Shorty then boarded the UPS … Continue reading


I’ve talked about Pierre…the Polydactyl Maine Coon (otherwise known as a “Hemingway Cat”) a few times before. As one of the prominent members of our household, he frequently gets attention. I’m never sure if I manage to get the scale … Continue reading

Didn’t get one…

I needed a towel…so off to the linen closet I go. I didn’t get one. CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

And we’re off to the vet!

“toc toc thump, toc toc thump” The sound of a gimpy Geronimo the big orange cat wandering around the house. He got into a fight with a foreign (not ours) cat. He was apparently bitten into the joint. Vet had … Continue reading


When my Mom got us “Shorty” the rescue Corgi, we all commented that “Shorty” was not a very dignified name for a Corgi (he got this name at the shelter) and that we could change it if we liked. We … Continue reading

Compensating Much?

Sooo…”Shorty” the Corgi is a new member of our household. He’s five years old and comes with some ingrained habits from his previous home where we are sure he was spoiled rotten…in a good way anyway. One is that he … Continue reading

New addition!

A corgi rescue doggy! Joining the Meyer Casa next week. He’s off getting neutered, vaccinated, and chipped. He’s a present for the wife from my Mom and should join the household next week.

The Leaf

So, yeah, I was bummed. Sick too. Blearrg. Just a week ago we had paid off the mortgage on The Cupola. This is a big deal for us. It was a strain too, tapping financial reserves. So, what happens the … Continue reading

Tails of a cat god…

A tale of the tails of a cat god… Or something like that. Alternate title: “Never give a cat a direct order” So, at the suburban “blah” house, we have a colony of geckos living around the garage door. We’ve … Continue reading

Old House Quirk..

Owning an old house is fraught with quirks. Ghosts in the tower. Raccoons in the parlor. 8.4 million windows to glaze. This weekend it was hairballs in the sink. Large ones. Seems hairballs “like” the sink and tend to collect … Continue reading

The good spot…

Pierre always finds the good spot. What you can’t see in the pic, is that is fur appears mussed up because he is being very windblown…he’s laying right in the wind from the air-conditioner.


We were getting ready to travel. Two cats going with us, two staying. Two carriers prepped…each cat has their favorite towel and toys. I watched one of the cats that was staying…one of the Siamese girls, systematically enter each carrier, … Continue reading


Meowgrometer: *pet pet pet* *ZOT!* *pet pet pet* *ZOT!* *pet pet pet* *ZOT!* Evidently the humidity in the house is low today. Poor cat. CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

I’m prepared…

Today, I’m prepared for whatever comes along…just as long as I need a caterpillar, a ball, and a pig. Continue reading

Bookshelf Cat…

We had a lazy Sunday this week. Need one of those every now and then. Pierre, the Maine Coon has Sunday figured out!


PSA: Never poke the upside down sleeping cat in the belly and say “Boo!”…especially if said sleeping cat has 26 toes, each equipped with a razor sharp claw. To be fair to Pierre, I scared the hell out him. To … Continue reading

Death Roll…

It died a brutal death…torn to bits and scattered far and wide. Yes, Geronimo the cat saved us yet again from the ever dangerous and sneaky paper towels of doom. Yes, this was the horrific scene when we awoke Sunday … Continue reading

Controlling the remote control…

It’s one of those “stereo-typical” issues in a household, right? Just *who* gets control of the remote control? “Tonight in the news…” *kshttt* “Welcome to the Peoples Court where Barbara is suing her mother because she inherited her mother’s small … Continue reading

Two new girls in the household…

A friend was giving up her apartment and her job was putting her on the road more so she had to find a home for her two girls…a pair of Siamese cats. Continue reading

A tale of tails…

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner in the Old Vic this weekend. A pleasant weekend with family and friends. Some relaxing days were well overdue…so I spent an awful lot of time either eating or lounging around in a turkey-induced … Continue reading

Pierre says “Hi!”

(just thought it was a good pic) CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

Saved from untold horrors…

THIS was the scene: Yep. The evil paper towels of doom had been stopped in their tracks. Brutally dismembered, it was certain they would not rise again. Bits and pieces can be found scattered throughout the entire house (and in … Continue reading

The tail/tale of the White Rabbit.

Seems odd we just saw Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” a few days before this. So…out to the Old Vic all last week…seems I had a bunch of time to take off from work (mandatory) before the end of March … Continue reading

The Weekend Off…

Well, with forcast temperatures in the teens, we decided we wouldn’t be getting much work done this weekend. Painting? Uh, no. Not only do I not want to be outside, but the paint would be somewhat solidified. We may have … Continue reading

Pierre…the Polydactyl, Maine Coon, Hemingway cat…

I got an early birthday present… When I got home from work yesterday the wife wasn’t home. I said, “Hey” to Geronimo the caffineted kitten (who was passed out on the couch) and went about my business. Thus, I was…just … Continue reading

Casper the Maine Coon

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome. – Isaac Asimov I lay on the floor beside him, providing what little comfort I could as he struggled to simply breathe, but the thought that kept clawing its … Continue reading

Somehow, someday…they *will* pay for this…

Orange Harbinger of Death to Wads of Paper here…except the humans pronounce it “Geronimo”, or occasionally, “the caffeinated kitten”. Apparently I was broken and I got fixed today. A Cone of Shame! They put me in a Cone of Shame! … Continue reading

The Cat Leak

We may have The cat who walks through walls? Yeah, that’s a Heinlein title. Was that cat orange as well? We tend to sleep in on Sundays at the Old Vic. Usually the work-week (at the job that actually pays … Continue reading

A view near the floor…

RRRRrrrr…MMMmmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm…yep. That’s about it. Got the hang of this keyboard thingy now… Orange Harbinger of Death to Wads of Paper here. Thought I’d introduce myself. Afterall, I’m the driving force behind all things. The two humans may think they are … Continue reading


We were apparently assigned two… Well, in the end, we only got one. See, two, is too many. Two, is nearly as many cats as I’ve owned in my lifetime (3)…and I still have one of those. Okay, well, 4 … Continue reading

The Cat had a red letter day…

Over here is a thread about my new expensive water heater. This thread however, is about how the water heater was just filler. I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough. Yeah. The cat wanted the box. Since … Continue reading

The Cat made his point.

Soooo….we’ve been working on The Old Vic a lot. We stay there when we do. Since mostly we are there a couple days at a time, we’ve chosen the leave “Casper”, the 22-pound Maine Coon, at the suburban “Blah” house … Continue reading

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