Compensating Much?

Shorty the CorgiSooo…”Shorty” the Corgi is a new member of our household.

He’s five years old and comes with some ingrained habits from his previous home where we are sure he was spoiled rotten…in a good way anyway.

One is that he LOVES to go walking on a leash…wants to follow the sidewalks all over the neighborhood.

Another is he wants to go with us whenever we go anywhere. He is very familiar with riding in a car and will follow us out and hop in.

Sort of.

He is “Shorty” after all.

A couple days back I headed out to pick up a pizza from the local take-and-bake place.

Shorty wanted to come with me.

He wanders out with me but the wife’s car is gone (she wasn’t home yet).

I stick the key in the door of “Big Iron”…my Texan’s requisite big-ass powerful pick-em-up truck, and open the door.

Shorty looks up…and up. Corgi’s are stout but very low-slung. There was no way he was going to make a leap into that truck. Even Corgi’s have to obey the laws of physics.

He looked at me, then at the truck, then back at me with a bemused expression on his face that clearly said, “Dude. Really? Compensating for something are we?”

This…from a short dog. Sigh.

Of course, once he went for a ride he fell in love with it, his looks clearly saying, “Best. Idea. Ever!”

Daniel Meyer (head Shorty chauffeur and lift engine)

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