shorty2Shorty the Corgi decided yesterday to zip out the door (and I mean he put on his serious “zip”…I’ve never seen that dog move that fast) when I answered it for the magic UPS fairy.

Shorty then boarded the UPS truck in very pirate-like fashion, lacking the eye patch but barking out, “Avast ye scurvy dogs! Prepare to be boarded!”

The UPS guy was quite understanding about the situation, telling me it happens at least 3 times a day and really, the dog catchers ought to drive a UPS truck just to make their job easier.

Once Shorty boarded the truck, he simply waited to go for a ride, and was somewhat disappointed when I took him off before said ride had a chance to get good and started.

Pets. Oy!

Oh, and the UPS guy says, “Pretty much anytime somebody comes out of their house and seems to be yelling at me, there is a dog headed my way at high speed.” LOL! Exactly what I did!

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