Controlling the remote control…

It’s one of those “stereo-typical” issues in a household, right?

Just *who* gets control of the remote control?

“Tonight in the news…”
“Welcome to the Peoples Court where Barbara is suing her mother because she inherited her mother’s small breasts…”
“Your second-cousin’s uncle’s third-niece’s brother’s second wife’s first-cousin’s daughter’s husband’s brother fathered my baby!”
“Another Dallas Cowboy arrested for drug charges but was released because the pending arrests of the Dallas city council have used up all the room in the jail…”
“splorch-gurgle-thpppp-swish” (“bullet cam” on CSI)
“Yet another explosion rocked the…”

Yeah, I didn’t have the remote.

Finally my patience broke.

“Damn it will you just pick ONE station and stick with it!”

“Tonight on Animal Planet…”

Guess who's got the remote?

Look at the size of those feet!

Yeah, he *IS* watching the TV

Like all of us, not impressed with what's on.

Daniel Mey….

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