The Girls…

The Girls

The nook…or perhaps cranny.

The two Siamese girls…

(singin’ ) “We are Siamese if you please…”

Well, they have a place…in a nook, or perhaps it’s a cranny, upstairs in a dusty, out of the way dormer of this big old Victorian house. We have a LOT of nooks and crannies, many of which haven’t been cleaned out or seriously messed with in decades. It’s a big house.

The cranny…or perhaps nook, of course, has a window, and now, some old torn and dusty cushions stacked up for the princesses to rest comfortably on while they peer down over the world.

(singin’ ) “We are Siamese if you don’t please…”

The window faces south, so it has the quadruple advantage of having an “almost all day” sunbeam. Cats ARE…of course, solar powered.

(singin’ ) “Now we’re looking over our new domicile…”

All the people in the household swear they didn’t set up the cushion stack for them…so our current operational theory is that the ghosts (probably the young female one in the nightgown) set up this “ideal” relaxing place for our two princesses to enjoy.

Tails held high, a while ago The Girls came down and meowed at the door to be let “in” to the more used part of the house. I opened the door, they marched in together, went to the kitchen to eat a little of their food, drink some water, and then they marched, again, almost in step and tails held high, into the room with their litter, and after done there, pranced back to the door for me to let them out again, both looking up at me with those amazing blue eyes.

I did as asked, and they entered the hall. Before bounding back up the stairs, they stopped, turned their heads to look at me and chirped in unison. It was clearly, “Thanks!”

There’s not much sun today…but what little there is shines right down on their little spot. They are “out of it” for the afternoon. Not a bad example actually.

(singin’ ) “If we like we stay for maybe quite a while.”

We’ve had these two little rascals nearly three years now. It’s amazing to me how much they contribute to making a house…a home.

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