The Cat Leak

We may have The cat who walks through walls?

Yeah, that’s a Heinlein title. Was that cat orange as well?

We tend to sleep in on Sundays at the Old Vic. Usually the work-week (at the job that actually pays for all these shannigans) has been very taxing…and we’ve usually spent the better part of Saturday working on something spendy, bendy, or broken.

So, it was a rude awakening this Sunday when, instead of waking up gradually as the light filtered into the bedroom, I was startled awake to the melodious tones of my wife yelling frantically,

“Good lord! How on earth did you get out there?!”

Instantly awake I rolled out of bed thinking, “Well that can’t be good…”

Y’all may note this rather rickity structure…it adorns the north side yard of the Old Vic:

North side shed

North side shed

North side shed (another view)

North side shed (another view)

Now, this shed is scheduled to die sometime this winter (if I get around to it), but it comes in handy now and again. I currently have some spare lumber under it.

For the points of this post, this shed’s most important characteristic is that it is NOT in the bedroom, or indeed, even in the house.

Let me repeat that. This shed is not in the bedroom.

Now, when I went to sleep Saturday night, locked up nice and tight inside the house, locked in the bedroom, on the first floor…sleeping basically on my head, was Geronimo…the caffinated kitten.

So imagine my surprise when I awoke to my wife’s frantic cries…and found the kitten outside…on the shed…some 15 feet in the air.



Despite the illusion the picture provides, there is no surface of the shed within reach of the house (or even within easy leaping distance).

The wife was trying to find a board or something for the kitten to cross over to the second story window, but was having trouble reaching.

I sighed, rubbed my eyes, scratched my head, and wandered off to fetch a ladder.

The View from the Ladder

The View from the Ladder

He was very glad to see me…fairly leapt into my arms when I called him over to the ladder…his heart thumping in his little chest…

Of course, after I got him down, he pranced about the house like nothing had happened.

There were no doors or windows open in the house last night…we double checked.

(shrugs and adds “kitten rescuer extraordinaire” to his resume)

Oh, and PS: Waking up to a kitten rescue is the equivalent of half a dozen cups of coffee…

PPS: My friend Mike points out, “Obviously you have a cat leak somewhere.”

Well, I have roof leaks, water leaks, air leaks, even light leaks. Why not a cat leak? LOL!

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