New Roof for the Old Vic!

What takes 9 days, 12 guys, over 800 man-hours of work, an entire semi-truck full of materials, a tower/tile specialist, 36 cups of coffee and 4 margaritas (just for me), a hundred bucks worth of pizza, a bunch of sheet metal screws, a hundred bucks worth of high-end metal paint, some bondo, the biggest check I’ve ever written, and one dragon?

That’s right. A new roof for The Old Vic.

I’ll collect all the posts/articles on the new roof here. They will also appear on our generic roof article page, but I wanted them all together in one place for the interested reader.

The short of it is…It was a huge job…and not just anybody could do it. This is our baby…and we are wanting to maintain the Victorian “attitude” while still ending up with a livable, maintainable, and comfortable home.

I am extremely pleased with the shingle we selected and the resulting look on the Old Vic. I can and do wholeheartedly recommend Service First Roofing and Construction out of Lewisville, Texas. They went above and beyond to make sure they took care of us and the features on our home.

There’s lots of pictures in the articles that follow…but here’s a teaser:

So…check out the new roof for The Old Vic in the posts below!

Sources say…

Sources say I’m getting my weather window next week…and the roofers are coming Monday! Woot!

The Project…

Friday 1/23/15–I had thought it was going to be easy to sit back and watch somebody else do the work. I’ve been in construction long enough to do so. But there was a key difference here; this was our house. It’s a HUGE, complex job.

I was nervous…Scratch that…

I was utterly terrified. Continue reading

Destruction for Creation

Day 1–I’m a builder…a doer. I’ve been repairing and creating things all my life. One thing you learn quick…at least if you’re going to accomplish anything worthwhile…is that ya gotta tear stuff up before you can make things better.

…and you can’t be even a little bit shy about it. Continue reading

Destruction AND Creation

Day 1–continued: This was about the time the wife (safely in another city away from the destruction) called and asked what I was doing.

“Watching about a dozen strippers dancing around,” I replied in a stunned voice, “Truly an amazing sight!”

That may not have been a properly worded answer. Continue reading

Homework–Cuernos del diablo

Day 2…sort of. Okay…day one and some ‘O-dark-thirty.

It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep.

They had brought me The Devil’s Horns…and I had to give them back. Continue reading

…and the beat goes on

Day 2 dawns: I resolved that when I ruled the world…ya wouldn’t have to actually MAKE coffee…before you’d HAD coffee.

I also resolved to NOT use any power-tools today. Continue reading

Difficult features…

Day 3: Yeah. Easy. But, as has been shown…we just don’t do easy. Of COURSE we kept it. There was never even a serious question. Continue reading


Day 3 continued: Remarkable progress…but a long way to go. Continue reading

The light at the end of the…attic?

Day 4 dawns: I’ve figured out how to make coffee again. I call this an achievement. My woman’s in another city, as is my mistress…coffee is about as complex as I’m gonna get. Continue reading


Day 5 dawns: I’m worried about my ladies. Continue reading


Day 6 dawns: Guest goats are wandering the neighborhood. Continue reading

A day off?

Day 7: Apparently I suck at days off. Continue reading


Day 8: EVERY shingle on that tower has a cut…EVERY shingle placement was measured. Meticulous work. The guy knew what he was about and wouldn’t be rushed. Continue reading

Final Stretch

Day 9 dawns: I’m really liking what I’m seeing. Continue reading

All over but the fat lady singing…

Day 10: It’s all over but the fat lady singing. Except there’s no fat lady here so I guess I’ll have to do. Continue reading

Before and after…

The differences are dramatic. We are thrilled… Continue reading

The Stats

Big. Massive even. Complex. Impressive stats and some more pics here! Continue reading

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