A view near the floor…

geronimoicon RRRRrrrr…MMMmmmmmmmmMMMMMMmmmmmm…yep. That’s about it. Got the hang of this keyboard thingy now… Orange Harbinger of Death to Wads of Paper here. Thought I’d introduce myself.

Afterall, I’m the driving force behind all things. The two humans may think they are running things, but in the end, it’s all to my plan.

Well, except they keep pronouncing my name, “Geronimo”. The nerve! The insult! I am bringer of death! And I have named myself so.

Lesser creatures, these humans. Still, no paper wad shall be suffered to live. The humans will come to value that in the future.

To be fair though I must say I approve of this new habitation they are working on. Despite the weekly long ride in my carrier (locked of course, for the protection of strangers along the way), I enjoy coming here.

Nooks and crannies. Stairs. Slippy slidy floors. High, high places! And the most glorious hours of chasing wads of paper and these big crunchy bugs.

The humans seem worried that I vanish for hours. That’s one secret passageway they’ve not found yet. The small one will tempt me with the most delicious treats to show myself. I leave her fret for just the right amount of time and then, all non-chalantly arrive with an “Oh, you were looking for me?” face. Rubbings and treats abound!

The big one seems distressed at my having abscounded with his “gloves”. Leather thingys of the most tasty variety…with five “fingers” just for chewing (and they don’t object!). I’ve quite the collection now, hidden well away. I don’t know why he carries on so…he yelled at me when he saw me carrying one away, head and tail raised proudly while I trotted by with it. Yelled! The nerve!

See, as a considerate being, I left all the ones for his “left ” hand for his use, only taking the others.

Last night was tremendous fun…bounding up and down the stairs for hours! Heaven! Even the big human appreciated it, cheering loudly in the wee hours of the morning, “Oh Gawd! When will he ever stop!”

This trip the humans were making lots of noise scratching on the door and window. They seem intent on creating piles of flaky mess, only to turn right around and clean it up again. They haven’t permitted me in that area or I’d show them the best way to lay a deep scratch in the wood. They don’t have claws you see, and must use “tools”. I’d show them how much fun it would be to bound through the piles of flaky mess too, just as a bonus. With the proper technique I could scatter it all the way to the next room!

I have so much more to say but Ooooo! A shinee!


About Orange Harbinger of Death to Wads of Paper

I am the bringer of death, I have named myself so. The big ones...the humans...I have chosen to transport me, feed me, stroke me, praise me, and serve as subjects for my surprise attacks (toes are my favorite) for some reason pronounce my name, "Geronimo".
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