As we are determined to rebuild and weatherproof the existing windows in the house instead of taking the false economy of vinyl replacement windows (more about this later) there will be a large number of posts on windows and window related destruction. We’ll put them here.

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Window related articles:

Tower is saved…

The project I started last weekend… Well, the windows are IN! Woot! Flashed, signed, sealed, and delivered. Some 6 months after the storm we are weatherproof! These are high-end, custom, “hurricane” rated, wooden windows and should last a lifetime, barring … Continue reading

What light through yonder window breaks?

Y’all may recall we got seriously clobbered by a couple of storms last March…seriously damaging pretty much everything we owned. This shut down a lot of project work as we tried to get things dried in and start to repair … Continue reading

Oh hail…

We had an intense storm roll through Clarksville on St. Patricks Day, doing severe wind and hail damage across the city. We took serious damage at Cupola Art

And *only* 44 more to go…

Yesterday, after having it out for an embarrassingly long time, I put it back in. Glue, clamps, sandpaper. 5 rounds of Linseed oil/Turpentine mix. 1 coat oil based primer. 2 new sheets glass (both were broken) 14 glazing points. 1/2 … Continue reading

There be DOORS here!

From this: There be DOORS here! The 3 inches of rain Saturday night and Sunday got in the way so I haven’t done the weather stripping or threshold yet…and I don’t have any door knob hardware…but by golly…DOORS! We’ve got … Continue reading

Starting to look…actually…like I’m accomplishing something!

Sooo…window trimmed in…siding up…you’ll notice the bottom glass is clean…SO clean in fact, that air hose and extension cord pass right through it! (a situation I’ll possibly correct next weekend). I WILL have the French doors mounted next weekend… CUAgain, … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 7)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” Oooookayyy…a bit of a LONG overdue update here…sorry about that. Several things happened to put the window project on a back shelf. 1) I got the sills/etc rebuilt and water tight. 2) The worst window … Continue reading

Warp Factor?

Sooo… We have this Sunroom you see… At some time in past generations one of the windows was removed and AC was installed: Now, I can’t blame them…here in Texas…and especially in east Texas…without AC you would simply burst into … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 6)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” Got a chance to use the Paint Crew pro this weekend. Finally, it wasn’t raining on the weekend! Spraying Sherwin Williams A-100 oil based exterior primer. It worked outstandingly. Astoundingly. As in, I’ve used one … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 5)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” Well, after spending several weekends of rooftop acrobatics getting this dormer ready for paint…lots of scraping, manufacturing new and repairing some fish-scales, reattaching many of the rest, repairing the trim, and rebuilding the sills, I … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 4)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” One side effect of rebuilding the window sills… In this picture… …All the fish-scale that the paint is scraped off of…was loose from the wall. It had been repaired over the years with short roofing … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 3)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” Y’all may recall about 6 weeks ago I headed upstairs to pull two sashes (the worst in the house) and begin the rebuild process. Of course, I ended up with a 5’x7′ hole in the … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 2)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” Well, after two weekend’s work, $26 worth of lumber, the jigsaw puzzle from hell, $1500 worth of tools (two nail-guns and at least 5 different power-saws were involved), well, I’m right back where I started…about … Continue reading

Stairway Windows (part 1)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.” So, at the top of our stairs are a set of three windows. There’s an extra wall in the way of course…doesn’t belong…will be removed later…but gotta build a stairway banister first, etc… Anyway, these … Continue reading

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