Stairway Windows (part 3)

Alternate title: “Destruction, mayhem, windows.”

Y’all may recall about 6 weeks ago I headed upstairs to pull two sashes (the worst in the house) and begin the rebuild process. Of course, I ended up with a 5’x7′ hole in the wall instead (told the wife that the crowbar slipped).

So, no painting the dormer for me this weekend, despite finally being ready to do so. We had cold, wet, misty, and sometimes downright rainy weather to contend with. Absolutely utterly depressing weather. Exterior painting is best left for other days.

Sure, I shouldn’t complain…we need the rain…but really, couldn’t it just rain when I’m trapped at work, literally in the old bomb shelter with no outside view? Weekends should be sunny and pleasant, by decree.


Anyway, we worked a lot inside this weekend. More on that later, but one thing I wanted to update folks on was my sash-rebuild part of the project…ya know, that little thing that I started up the stairs to do in the first place? When 6 weeks goes by I feel the need for an update, even if they are not done. Epoxy one weekend. Glue together one weekend. Sand. Primer (must dry 24 hours). Sand some more. Primer again. Sand once more. Filler. Primer. Light sanding. What? It’s March already?

Well, the sashes are now primed and ready for their topcoat, and then some glass.

Here is the sash when I started

Here is the sash when I started

Here is the pair, ready for the finish/top coat:

Here is the pair, ready for the finish/top coat:

So, lessee…at 5 weeks for a pair of sashes, times the number of windows in the house, add in the wasp factor, carry the two…well, good news! I’ll have the mortgage paid off before I finish the windows!

These were the worst sashes in the house, and I only pulled the two as this was the “learning” experience. I’ll probably pull more at a time after I complete these, so it should go a little faster.

At the current rate, I’ll be happy if I get the durn dormer buttoned up before the end of summer!

Oh, and yes, my primer is an obnoxious sky-blue. That’s as dark as they could tint it toward the finish coat.

Scary huh?

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