Clarksville History

We’ll post articles about our town and it’s history here.

CUAgain Larry…

My very good friend Larry Algaier passed away yesterday shortly before noon. He was a man of honor and integrity who genuinely cared about people. He worked tirelessly in whatever capacity needed to support his friends, family, and community. He … Continue reading

The Baker House

This small oil painting came with the house. It is not our house, but apparently one that was in our area. Locals say it was near our house, and in fact, visible from it…but it long ago burned. This town … Continue reading

Glutton. For. Punishment.

(deep breath) A project that’s related to the Old Vic project that’s not quite on topic but since it’s a project and I tinker on it and this one will definitely be related to the other one… There’s a tower … Continue reading

Dinner at the Lennox house

Didn’t get much done on the house this weekend…I took my sweetie to a Valentines Day dinner at the Lennox house in our town. This is a house owned by the historical district and it’s beautifully renovated…the dinner is put … Continue reading

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