Warp Factor?


We have this Sunroom you see…

The sun room. Note the air-conditioner on the far left of that pic...

The sun room. Note the air-conditoner on the far left of that pic...

At some time in past generations one of the windows was removed and AC was installed:

That's the air-conditioner again on the right of that pic (we'll talk about the car-port later).

That's the air-conditioner again on the right of that pic (we'll talk about the car-port later).

Now, I can’t blame them…here in Texas…and especially in east Texas…without AC you would simply burst into flames shortly after the sun came up…except the 90% humidity quenches your flammable tendencies just enough so that although you may *wish* you would just burst into flames at any given moment, the reality is you’ll just sit there and smolder.

AC is a requirement here. Yeah, I know about the old-timers and how tough they were…but I’ve got a news flash…here they all either got AC, or they died. Really, I can’t find one Victorian era person left alive that doesn’t have AC. Not one! It’s just eerie. Related? I think so…It’s either that or aliens…

For all you northern types…I’ll cut you a deal…you pretend you understand why AC is required during our 8 months of summer here, and I’ll pretend I understand why you need an oil furnace and more than one windbreaker during your 8 months of winter.

Anyway, to combat those “bursting into flame” issues in the Sunroom (and adjacent utility room) we are putting in this:

The New AC

The New AC

That’s a really cool (heh) SEER 20 1-ton heat split unit pump btw….that’s the interior unit sitting on top of the exterior unit…we’ll probably still heat with NG as long as it’s cheaper, but options are nice. We’ll probably end up with 7 or 8 of these in the house…handy for zoning etc…but all that’s another story…and yes, there will be pics.

Sooo…the massive (heavy), 40 year old AC unit that is trying desperately to rip out the plywood that’s only marginally attached to the old window frame is going away…and we are going to re-install the missing window. Fortunately the frame is still there…in the wall.

That just leaves the windows themselves…

We lucked out! They were kind enough to leave these tucked into a nook on the second floor:

The old windows still exist!

The old windows still exist!

Which, by the way, along with the 7 other SETS of windows in that room gives me…ur…um…pi is assumed to be 3.14…”C” equals the speed of light…carry the two…

Good gawd!!! 240 panes of glass to re-glaze…just in that one room! Gad…maybe bursting into flames is not such a bad thing…

The frames of course, need the standard re-gluing of the corners…but the thing that bugs me the most is the “disinclination to proceed in an orderly fashion and toe a straight line” the frame of one of them has taken…




Yep, Warped

Yep, Warped

Now, as warped as the folks close to me may think I am…I’ve not had to deal with this in a window before…what’s the cure?

Ponderings are in order…

edit: The cure is a third hinge on each window…top, bottom, center.

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