Our Heating and Air-conditioning related projects:

Gree Snake…

In the theme of critters declaring war on the Old Vic (see previous raccoon wars posts here and here), I now know the Gree Mini-split AC error code for (insert best Samuel L. Jackson voice here), “I’m tired of these … Continue reading

Always something…

So…it’s no-sleep Monday/Tuesday apparently…sitting there in the wee hours…bleary eyed and restless…I ponder…and wonder…and try to read, or write…or listen to music…without disturbing the wife anyway. One of us should remain mostly sane… And then…of course…I begin to ponder…and wonder…why … Continue reading

Added more tonnage/zones.

With winter winding down and summer firing up just a couple hours after winter ends, we decided it was time to add more mini-splits. While we were extremely pleased with the first one we put in as regards comfort and … Continue reading


Replaced all these fried parts: In here: And our mini-split heat pump is back online. WooHoooo! We are dead certain we got spiked again…so in addition to this I installed a whole house surge protector at the main panel, as … Continue reading


The bad with the good I suppose… Just when the amazingly low utility bills were getting me excited about my ductless mini-split ac/heat pump… Blam. Worse…Amcoreaire…the maker of this particular unit…went out of business shortly after I purchased it. Due … Continue reading

The results are in…

Well…I’m impressed. The bills are in for the Old Vic utilities through last week. Y’all may remember that last summer we installed our first ductless mini-split unit…a SEER 20, 12,000 btu heat pump. The new super efficient unit is in … Continue reading

1st mini-split

A bracket. Just a small thing. Almost nothing. But that’s how it always begins. Very small. Some parts. We’re gonna need more. Oh look! Some more parts. I don’t think we’ll need the small kitchen appliances for this install, but … Continue reading

Signs of Summer…

I can always tell summer is coming…as the air-conditioning will quit in one of the buildings I dink around with. Keep in mind, we run the air here starting as early as March oftentimes…and it will work perfectly…until the summer … Continue reading


Twenty mile an hour sustained winds…blasting us out of the northwest. Cold…and depressing. Nearly a 50 degree drop over the weather a couple days ago. The winds are gusting to over 45 mph. You can hear them coming…roaring through the … Continue reading

The good spot…

Pierre always finds the good spot. What you can’t see in the pic, is that is fur appears mussed up because he is being very windblown…he’s laying right in the wind from the air-conditioner.

Weekend fails (pics)

So. Last post described some fails…here’s some pics… The parts I need to source: And the lunch place…the line was short but no matter how hungry we looked we couldn’t get a seat: Soooo…hoping I can get the parts this … Continue reading

Never to plan…

Y’all might recall THIS post from last week, where I did a bit of fargle-snorkering. The plan this weekend was to take the truck back up, finish off the flashing where I foamed last weekend (got too hot to work … Continue reading

Hit me with some heat!

No pictures this week…didn’t get much done. High was 105 degrees Saturday…I worked a bit in the morning. I had to cut some pecan tree limbs that were beginning to crowd the sidewalk. It got hot fast. Very hot outside, … Continue reading

Warp Factor?

Sooo… We have this Sunroom you see… At some time in past generations one of the windows was removed and AC was installed: Now, I can’t blame them…here in Texas…and especially in east Texas…without AC you would simply burst into … Continue reading

Wall goes down…wall goes up!

The Sun Room…soon to be my art studio…was on the agenda this again this weekend. Seems we’re having guests for the Arts Festival *NEXT* weekend and needed two operable guest rooms. “Operable” here means a place to sleep, a bit … Continue reading

Temporary Heat

The Old Vic came equipped with window units and space heaters, but the space heaters are of the type that must be turned on and off manually, obviously unsuited for unattended operation. Since we were purchasing the house in the … Continue reading

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