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Science Project?

Sooo…some plumbing is done. Yeah, I know it looks like a science project…but we always said, this is to be a Victorian house with modern features. The tankless water heater is in and hooked up (not fired up yet). Not … Continue reading

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Venting Dihydrogen monoxide to the atmosphere…

In an ideal world, a gentle chime would sound and then Majel Barrett’s voice would say something like, “Warning, you are venting Dihydrogen monoxide outside the pressurised distrubution system. Current consumption of energy stores has risen by 40,000 btu’s per … Continue reading

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Utility rooms, walls, destruction, and of course, more heat!

Yeah…the year is fading away quickly. I looked at the calendar and said something like, “August! What the heck? GHAAAAAAAAAAA!” Anyway, “Getting near the end of the year” triggered some sort of “I’ve got to get this done” reflex… That … Continue reading

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The Cat had a red letter day…

Over here is a thread about my new expensive water heater. This thread however, is about how the water heater was just filler. I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough. Yeah. The cat wanted the box. Since … Continue reading

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A modern touch…

I’ve said before, restoration is not in the cards. I *like* bathrooms, hot water, well equipped kitchens, and comfortable temperatures indoors. I also like energy efficiency to the extent that it helps produce a comfortable, usable, and well-lit home with … Continue reading

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

One of the best things about renovating our own house…is we can do it our way. Another fun thing is we get to torture the UPS man with all the weird and wonderful stuff that shows up at our doorstep. … Continue reading

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Wall goes down…wall goes up!

The Sun Room…soon to be my art studio…was on the agenda this again this weekend. Seems we’re having guests for the Arts Festival *NEXT* weekend and needed two operable guest rooms. “Operable” here means a place to sleep, a bit … Continue reading

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It’s a wonder anybody is left alive…

In a world where my generation (I’m ashamed to say) demands warning labels that say “Hot” on Hot coffee, and the generation that follows mine manages to regularly kill itself off with things like sponge nerf balls and the little … Continue reading

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