The Cat had a red letter day…

Over here is a thread about my new expensive water heater.

This thread however, is about how the water heater was just filler. I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough.

Yeah. The cat wanted the box. Since the cat is a 22 lb Maine Coon and five of his six ends are all pointy…well, yeah. The heater was just filler.

Apparently I paid something around $700 for a cardboard box.

It started small however…like these things do…

See, the wife got me a new pair of shoes. They came in a box.

Now understand, Maine Coon’s can talk. If you have one you know. If you don’t, well…just take my word for it.

The shoes. They came in a box.

“Casper”…the aforementioned 22 pounds of fur, muscle, and sharp points, said, “Ooooo! A box! Gimme gimme gimme!”

All pointy-ed up and nowhere to go...

All pointy-ed up and nowhere to go...

I put on the shoes. Casper put on the box.

It seems it’s much the same process.

My big ‘ole feet don’t fit into shoes easily…

And a 22 pound cat just does not fit in a shoe box.

Except that somehow…they do:

Critical mass achieved?

Critical mass achieved?

Quite contentedly, he wedged himself in and would not be removed.

That was…by golly…*HIS* box.

And then the doorbell rang. The magic Fed-Ex fairy delivered a NEW box…and more importantly…a MUCH BIGGER BOX!

I clearly heard, “What? Oh? . . . . OooooooooooooooOOOooooOOOOooooo Muhahahahahahahaha!” from the box of fur on the couch.

He chased me into the kitchen to get the box cutter. “Open open open open open open open open open open …”

He chased me back into the living room to “help” me open the box.

“Open open open open open open open open open open …”

When I wasn’t moving fast enough he swatted me on the ankle.

“Cooooome ON! Open open open open open…Put your back into it now!”

Soon, I had the filler (the $700 water heater) dumped out on the rug.

“MINE!” Kaslooooomp! One cat, instantly installed in one box.

That's not a box. a box.

That's not a box. a box.

Hours later…still there.

Cat in a box

Cat in a box

And now…I’m left with a shoe-box to put my water heater in for the trip to the Old Vic. I’m not gonna try to reclaim the big one…would you?

Hmmm…I can’t wait till some of the big boxes show up…

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  1. oldhousedreamer says:

    Awwww, what a cute cat! He looks as content in the little box as he does in the big box, only more comfy. 🙂

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