Twenty mile an hour sustained winds…blasting us out of the northwest.

Cold…and depressing. Nearly a 50 degree drop over the weather a couple days ago.

The winds are gusting to over 45 mph. You can hear them coming…roaring through the trees long before they rattle the windows and shake the house. Small town living.

You can’t hear the wind in the big cities. The roar of the traffic, jets, and the sea of humanity drowns them out. I’d forgotten how loud the wind really is as it tears its way though the trees. It is the sound of a predator.

The Old Vic was built with little regard for weather stripping, insulation, and the like. It was designed for our southern hot climate 40 years before air-conditioning became common. Move the air through the home. High ceilings let the heat rise above the occupants. More than 40 windows, all either double hung or casements can be arranged to evacuate the heat and catch the slightest breeze. Transom windows over every door allow ventilation even when privacy is needed.

Winters here can be cold, but they are short. Coal fired stoves or fireplaces in every room got them through the season. Weather stripping wasn’t desired as fresh air had to enter the home to fuel the stoves. Insulation was an expensive and not really proven concept, viewed with suspicion and not widely applied to southern homes. Coal was cheap anyway.

There’s not a stitch of weather stripping or insulation here that I didn’t install…and I’m a long way from done. So far from done that I really haven’t gotten started.

When the wind gusts I can hear it whistle *through* the house. Curtains wave. Doors rattle. Cold drafts tangibly move through the living area. To the utter fascination of the cats…even the ghost in the tower drifts down to hang out in front of the heater.

The “whumph” as a heater kicks its natural gas powered flame to high reminds me there is a price to pay for all this.

That price has me reevaluating my priorities. Maybe insulation should move up the list…but then…well…that other thing is in the way…and I really *should* finish the wiring before I insulate an area. Weatherstrip that whistling window? Well, perhaps after I get it painted and re-glazed. And let’s not forget the budget…a flagging economy, taxes, health insurance, and a stagnant career have decimated the poor thing.

Yeah, I’ve got lots to do before insulation can be completed to a meaningful level.

Yep, I really should set my priorities and get started.

But I think today I’ll just pull the covers up over my chin…and take a nap.

Perhaps my priorities are okay after all.

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