So screwed…

That's a handful (click for larger)

That’s a handful (click for larger)

Sunday was some gorgeous weather…so I spent a chunk of it working on the south side of the Old Vic…we took the old “awning” (term used very loosely) down before the roof job but that had made a mess of the eaves and years of…I don’t know…*weirdness* on the screened in porch need to be undone.

Buttoning up the eaves, and pulling extra/unneeded screws and nails that were stuck all over the side of the house took a few hours.

Some trim, some paint, and some new screens will make things look a whole lot better.
The picture is all the superfluous nails/screws I pulled out of about a 24-foot long section of the side of the Old Vic…

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  1. BruceBergman says:

    When you go to buy a few buckets of wood primer, a case of filler, and some nice Pastels for painting the house, be sure to get a gallon or two each of Auto Primer and Gloss Enamel in “Farglesnorker White” (and the thinner) too…

    They both need some lovin’, and quick before the rust or decay gets hold. You put the truck in the foreground, we’re gonna notice.

    The steel roof on the porch… Don’t waste too much effort painting it if the rust is as bad as it looks on film – that’s a good candidate for a fresh standing-seam roof in a year or two.

    Harbor Freight Tools has a nice 5″ Wet Orbital Air Sander, but as I found out they don’t stock the wet-dry loop-backed paper for it – you have to get it from a marble & stone finishing supply company. Or do it the old way with an air jitterbug and quarter-sheet squares or third-sheet long strips.

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