Two years today…

We’ve owned the Old Vic for two years today.

Scary stuff…the responsibility…the sheer size of the project…the future.

Yeah, I worry it sometimes.

I often feel I’m not getting enough done. But then I look around at what we’ve accomplished.

We’ve gotten on our new plumbing, including the tankless water heater.

We completely rebuilt the second kitchen area and made it into a mudroom and utility room. This involved a new wall, moved doors and windows, plumbing, gas, and electric.

We are on our new electric service.

We’ve made friends.

We’ve lost others.

We wrecked a car, and fixed same. Wrecked a motorcycle too…

We bought a building on the square. More work for sure. Some say we bought our doom. We think we bought our future. Could be both I suppose.

It’s been a year.

I’m looking forward to the next one. More work on both the house and the business is coming.

Our 1902 Queen Anne Victorian

We've had our 1902 Queen Anne Victorian 2 years today.

The Sign on our new building

The Sign on our new building

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