Some progress!

I installed a new heater in the mudroom this weekend. That was the easy part…I spent several hours under the house a few weeks ago adding the gas jet where I wanted it (and another in a different room) and removing several other unwanted ones.

New heater for the mudroom

A new infrared gas heater for the mudroom

This will easily and economically heat the mudroom and utility room, and some of the kitchen too as needed. Thermostat controlled, O2 sensor, thermocouple etc.

Y’all might note that the beadboard is up…

The Mud room is coming along...

Soooo much going on in this picture...

This picture represents a lot. Just a few short months ago it was down to the studs.

Let’s see, we removed the second/added kitchen, moved the window, added the French doors, rebuilt the wall between the utility and sunroom (out of view to the right), added the plumbing manifold and hot water heater, insulation, continued the beadboard, and now, we are starting the finishing touches on the mudroom part of this mess.

That window, by the way, was a basket case. Broken glass, painted shut, broken sash-cords, NO sill etc. It is now smoothly operating, weatherstripped, and nearly trimmed out.

Next up…trim out the door…strip the ceiling (beadboard).

Just for some perspective, the mudroom joins the utility room to the right…here’s a pic of that part of the project:

The utility room...

The Utility room

The washer/dryer goes right there about where the saws are…some cabinetry has to go in…

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