Y’all (technical Texas term) bear with me…

Last weekend was a huge software upgrade at work…I’ve worked a LOT of hours leading up to that and for the upgrade itself…

So…not much happened at the Old Vic last weekend. This weekend is more scraping and such. Oh, and some maintenance items. Mowing. Weedeating. Fixing the brakes on the Left-handed Fargle-snorker. Seems like it’s important for a 14,000 pound truck to have brakes. This has netted me the biggest durn 4-way lug wrench you ever saw and promises some aches, pains, destruction, and new swear words to come…but…well…all that’s another story.

Also…I’m tinkering on the web site structure…shifting all the content to the blog engine and eventually swapping it to the full site. That should get you more frequent and better organized posts and pictures.

But as in all things “remodel”…there will be dust and it will get worse before it gets better. Heh…and I’ll probably start over when I get 80% done (remodeling joke).

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