Operation Cover Up

It’s like something right out of the seedy side of life. The kind of thing respectable (heh heh) people like me shouldn’t be involved in…

Yeah, we paid money…a great deal of it…to acquire the merchandise and have it shipped in from another country.

We then paid bribes (they prefer to call them “brokerage fees”) to unseen agents to get the stuff across the border unmolested.

Six boxes arrived scattered amongst other packages in a large truck…about eighteen kilos each, tightly wrapped in plastic to keep the scent contained. We quickly transferred them into the trunk of Crunchbird (Da Altima). More wouldn’t have been a good idea…with the weight the car would have sat low in the back, drawing suspicion. Besides, with any luck, this score would be enough for our needs.

A hundred-twenty kilos or so, stuffed in Da Altima

A hundred-twenty kilos or so, stuffed in Da Altima

Soon we set off into the night, running the Texas back-roads to get to our drop-off point. As always, meticulous attention to the traffic laws is required. We don’t want to get pulled over after-all.

Finally, we arrive at the destination. Here, the boxes will be broken open and the contents separated…ultimately getting to its end use.

Quietly unloading the boxes from the car under the cover of darkness, I can smell the distinctive odor, even through the tight wrappings. I smile at the wife as I pull out a razor sharp knife. The wicked looking blade, ideally suited for the uses I put it to, gleams in the moonlight. “This could be it babe…let’s see if it was worth all the trouble we’ve been through.”

The smell becomes almost overwhelming when I slice open the plastic. Even before I open the box, I know…

Just slicing open the plastic...the scent hits with full force

Just slicing open the plastic...the scent hits with full force

“Ahhhh.” I sniff deeply. “That’s that good stuff for sure.”

I pull some of the merchandise out of the box…checking texture and consistency. “The shipment looks good. Maybe this will work out after-all.”

There's the stuff!

There's the stuff!

Oh yeah...the good stuff for sure!

Oh yeah...the good stuff for sure!

Something illicit? Not at all…these are the “fancy cut butt shingles” for the utility room wall. I love the smell of newly cut cedar. I could not find anybody in the US that still makes them…and had to import these from Canada. Everybody domestic wanted to sell me vinyl or Hardee board.

More on this project here.

We paid over $30 in “brokerage fees” in order to pay $4 in customs charges.

For some reason I feel I need a shower…

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