The Plant Did it…

One of the fun things about the first year or so of ownership of something like the The Old Vic is all the surprise plants that show up.

At least one of them is an alien.

See this thing?

Alien plant thing...

Alien plant thing...

There was no sign of it when we bought the house…well, maybe a little sign…a small dead space on the ground around the rose bush…

Then this thing exploded…during the summer it took over the rosebush (presumably still alive and dormant deep in the digestive tract of the invader), then it ripped down the trellis and threw it across the yard. Then it cascaded across the yard. As best as I can tell it is still growing and unless the winter slows it down, it will take over all of east Texas by Thursday. I even crashed into it with the lawnmower and it hasn’t phased it.

It has nuclear blooms, ya see.

It seems to bloom in the evening and at night…

Nuclear blooms!

Nuclear blooms!

And as you can see, the radiation is causing the camera problems (don’t you people *WATCH* science fiction?) Nuclear blooms is undoubtedly a bad thing.

Run for the hills!

Run for the hills! Save yourselves! You only have a short amount of tim……


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One Response to The Plant Did it…

  1. Oohhh, you poor things.

    You are infested with Four O’Clocks. We are also plagued by them. I planted them myself, 12 years ago in our moonscape yard when we moved here, thinking they’d make a nice temporary annual till I got the REAL gardening done. Now, every year I get to cuss both them AND myself for ever planting the things as I rip them out by the handfuls–mine also swallow my rose bushes, something that I cannot allow.

    It’s like Day of the Triffids out there now. Nothing short of a nuclear blast will ever kill them of. Even then, I think they are rather like cockroaches, and would likely survive.

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