Dinner at the Lennox house

Didn’t get much done on the house this weekend…I took my sweetie to a Valentines Day dinner at the Lennox house in our town. This is a house owned by the historical district and it’s beautifully renovated…the dinner is put on by volunteers and the trustees and is a fund raiser. New friends in town invited us and unexpectedly paid for our dinner as well, saying only, “Welcome to Clarksville.”

We do love this town.

The 1880’s part Victorian, part Gothic, and part Italian Renaissance courthouse is absolutely gorgeous and has been described as being Late 19th Century Debatable (I love that!)

Red River County Courthouse

Red River County Courthouse

This town is covered up with historic houses in MANY different styles…including, of course, our Queen-Anne Victorian. They range in condition from perfectly restored, to falling down, to gloriously re-muddled (but occupied, which is what gives a house a soul), to everywhere in between.

Clarksville is the oldest, continuously occupied settlement in Texas. I’ll get around one day and take pictures of a sampling.

In the mean time, the Lennox house…

The Lennox house

The Lennox house

The Lennox house

The Lennox house

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  1. Stella says:

    Aw, home.

    I went on a tour of the Lennox house during last year’s Red River County Historical Association Bazaar (aka “the bazaar”), having never been inside before. It’s fantastic. And I could go on and on about the courthouse.

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