Destruction for Creation

I’m a builder…a doer. I’ve been repairing and creating things all my life. One thing you learn quick…at least if you’re going to accomplish anything worthwhile…is that ya gotta tear stuff up before you can make things better.

…and you can’t be even a little bit shy about it.

Terrification Level 9.5

True to their word, bright and early Monday morning Service First Roofing and Construction showed up with about 12 guys and started tearing my roof apart. It was an amazing thing to watch…and the progress was surprisingly fast. Some of the facets of this roof had more than 4 layers of shingles, and much of the house was still clad in the original cedar shake underneath.

One of the first things they did was remove Cuernos del diablo or ‘The Devil’s Horns’ from the house and carefully bring them down to me so I could repair them. It was important to us that we preserve the distinct features of the house. The original roof was cedar shake…and ridges, particularly where several meet…were difficult to cap with shingles. The solution was usually a metal cap, but as in most things Victorian…when they needed something functional, they often said something like, “Hey! It may as well be interesting too!”

The Devil's Horns

The Devil’s Horns

In very short order, I could see sky through my attic.

Lots 'O guys attacked from the north

Lots ‘O guys attacked from the north

It was a truly terrifying sight.

While others attacked from the South

While others attacked from the South

Seeing sky from your attic…is not a natural thing.

Down to the lath

Down to the lath

Around noon the truck-load of materials showed up. And I mean the entire truck…not just a part of the load…All of that stuff…is just for The Old Vic.

This entire truck-'O-stuff is just for our roof.

This entire truck-‘O-stuff is just for our roof.

This machine…I want one.



Not only is it handy for horking (that’s a technical term) heavy stuff off a truck…it also removes stumps!

Forklift got hung on an old stump. No problem!

Forklift got hung on an old stump. No problem!

I *REALLY* thought it would be a lot easier to stand back and watch these guys work on my house…but I have to confess…my main thought at this point…

Good lord…what if they can’t put it back together?

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