Shorty the Corgi

Shorty, in his "cone of shame" after a minor tag removal surgery, and yes, he is smiling.

When my Mom got us “Shorty” the rescue Corgi, we all commented that “Shorty” was not a very dignified name for a Corgi (he got this name at the shelter) and that we could change it if we liked.

We decided to wait to see his overall personality.

Well, last night, as we watched him tossing his big pillow up in the air for about the tenth time, running underneath it, and skidding to a halt down on his belly so that the pillow “plops” into the correct position on top of him (and his collection of torn up tennis balls and rawhides), we decided that “Shorty” is just fine with his name.

Even though he *would* look absolutely awesome in a top-hat, it turns out he’s just not that dignified of a dog.

He’ll fit right in with the rest of us, who, it turns out, also look absolutely killer in top-hats but are not that terribly dignified either.

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