Just me and the ghosts

It’s just me and the ghosts tonight. My own and others.

The cooler weather. A blood-red half-moon rising. Lingering doubts. Loneliness.

Gawd I hate to sleep alone.

Exhausted from toiling on works of man that transcend the modern age. Looking cautiously out at the failing businesses and indeed, entire towns decaying around me and wondering if there’s even a point. Wondering if I have it in me to finish.

Fixing 100-year old problems and new issues as well. A board badly placed causing a problem years later. Pulling nails somebody hammered in at the end of the American civil war. Replacing a beam that broke 100 years ago…and another that rotted in the last 10 years.

Does it matter? Will anybody benefit? Will anyone even *know*?

Adding my sweat, my blood, my design…personality…and my energy to the collection.

Man’s works…significant ones anyway, take on some of the energy…the personality…the life…of the events and emotion invested in the creation and usage of them.

I own the buildings…but I’m just a custodian of the energy…of the history.

A 110 year old house, a 150 year old commercial building, in a 180 year old town…formed on the oldest settlement in the state. History and emotion seeps out of every stone here.

Will the buildings still be here in 10 years? 20? 50? What would happen to them…if something happened to me?

A nexus for emotion…the life expended in effort. The toil. The love. Great things don’t happen without passion and passion leaves an impression.

But am I doing great things?

Yah…tonight…it’s just me and the ghosts.

…well, and the cats. Not sure if it’s comforting or not. They can see the ghosts better than I can.

Sleep tight.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. cruhnke says:

    “Does it matter? Will anybody benefit? Will anyone even *know*?”

    Craftsmanship is its own reward. Will anyone know? YES! YOU will know. As Mike Holmes (“Holmes on Homes”) says: “If you’re going to do it, do it right the first time!”

    One of my pet peeves about modern “construction” is that it is an assembly line. Tradesmen — I cannot call them craftsmen — are paid on a piecework basis. So there is no incentive to do it right; just to do it fast. When they work on 10, 20, or 50 of the same cookie cutter design for the same developer, the same mistakes will propagate to all of the jobs.

    Even your century old home and storefront suffer from workers who meant well but did not fully appreciate the “damage” they were causing with their mistakes.

    Will your buildings be here in 10 years? Probably. It will take longer than that for the virus of poor workmanship to bring them down. Will they be here in 50 years? They will if you apply your skills to rehabilitate them properly. Consider the “turret tower” on your store. If you had not repaired the siding and rooflet, how much longer would it have been hanging on the corner of the building? Now with new shingle siding and new roofing it will be good for another 25-50 years.

    There may be ghosts, but quality work and appreciation for what has gone before you will more than honor those ghosts and should keep them from haunting you.

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