And work…

Some work on my Mom’s bathroom. Pulled it down to the dirt last weekend.

This weekend we got to the “going back together” stage. Long day. Joist hanging. Plumbing. Progress made. Very hot/humid. Dust, dirt, and sweat. Arms, jeans, shirt basically caked in mud mix of that before we were done. And by done I mean, “all burned up, time to quit for the day”. Cut cuts. Drove screws. Nailed nails.

Later, a 140 mile ride in the heat. 106F on my route. Then clobbered by a storm. Intense winds. Lightning all around. Rain to the north and behind me I think, but none for me. Surprisingly it never cooled down any. Even on the big Valkyrie cruiser, 70mph 105F gusting crosswinds can make ya think such profound thoughts as, “Holy crap!”

Breakfast was good. Garlic-grits, ham and cheese omelettes, and ice-cold watermelon.

For some reason I took a picture of the watermelon…

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