Door Casement – step the second…

Y’all might recall I installed a new hole a couple weeks ago (here).

This weekend, my friend Mike and I did the door casement (step 1). (thanks Mike!)

Finally, we are working in the kitchen and the finish up of the mud/utility rooms.

This is the style of the original door trim on both doors in the kitchen, even though the rest of the house has stained/adorned trim. The kitchen was all paint and flat trim, its hint of decor coming with the beadboard walls and ceiling.

We do have a plan to “art” it up a bit though. That will come later.

Sooon…soon now…I’ll have enough of the carpentry done that we can get rid of the pepto-bismal paint that the entire kitchen is covered in (walls AND ceiling…gah!). A four color paint scheme is coming…(lower beadboard, upper beadboard, ceiling, trim/cabinets). Should be a dramatic change and will be Victorian in attitude if nothing else.

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