You load 16 tons and what do ya get…

We’ve been cleaning up the old Pharmacy building downtown for nearly nearly 20 months.

We could have done it faster, if it had been the priority or we had thrown money at it.

Anyway, to illustrate the *scale* of the challenge, I was going through my receipts, and with the load of trash I pulled out of the building today we’ve used 800 contractor trash bags.

If I assume a VERY conservative 40 pounds each, we’ve hauled off 16 tons of garbage.

Piles and piles...

This doesn’t count several thousand pounds of non-bagged stuff…including a pool table, old smashed sandwich machines, dead printers and outdated electronic cash registers (dozens, literally).

Lots and lots...

It’s a big job. We’re seeing the light near the end of the tunnel!

I’ve repaired lights (12 ballasts and so far, 40 bulbs…I need another case), pulled out unneeded/bad electric, and pulled nasty carpet.

Maybe next weekend…pics of it *clean*!

It needs it…we’re about to open something…

More on that later!

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