Fargle-snorker’s got a job…

Y’all may remember my philosophy that if ya own tall stuff ya ought to own the tools (or know somebody that does) to work on it?

The Left-handed Fargle-snorker is a result of that tendency…

Got a job for the fargle-snorker this weekend.

Turns out I’ll have need of it this weekend.

Our building on the square is backed up by a smaller building. That building has shifted away and it’s facade is tilting outward a bit.

The gutter drain pipe is loose from the roof drain.

That has pushed the gutter pipe off the drain on my building and (if we EVER get any rain again) the water from that hits right in the crack from the building shifting…and that all goes inside.

This would be really annoying to get too without a bucket...

I can’t re-attach the pipe, as it is now too short due to being pushed away by the other building’s tilting facade, but I can add a piece with flashing and sheet metal screws to bridge the gap.

I'll have to insert a piece...this is a tin pipe so I can do it with flashing and sheet metal screws

I’ll have the Left-handed Fargle-snorker out Saturday to do that. Maybe I’ll be able to see what’s going on with the shifting of my neighbor’s facade…basically whether this is a long term shift, or if there is something dangerous and structural going on.

The neighbor's facade is tilting outward and has pushed the pipe away.

The crack needs to be sealed, as any water in there MUST go into either his or my building, and if it freezes in the wall it will damage things as well.

The red building has shifted up there.

I’ll get the pipe fixed this weekend, and see what the crack looks like. The crack/shift is really not my responsibility but if there’s something easy I can do to prevent damage to my building as well as his I’ll try to do it.

Close up of the shift, it's also tilting outward.

Should have some interesting pictures next weekend! Of course…it’s supposed to be well over 100 still/again so I may not have much time to get it done.

When the tools are too hot to hold ya gotta give it up and work inside.

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