Fargle-snorker Brakes…an update!

Full power (brakeage) restored!

Sometimes all it takes is pigheaded stubbornness (“I *WILL* fix these friggen brakes if I have to END the universe trying!”)

And parts. Needs parts.

Okay, well, sometimes all it takes is pigheaded stubbornness, a maniacal willingness to *end* creation, and a fistful of cash.

It’s all connected though.

Original problem (last year): Front right wheel cylinders.
Next problem (this year): Front LEFT wheel cylinders (not unexpected).
Next, vacuum brake booster. Big honking thing under the truck that manifested the error in its ways by letting air into the hydraulic side and brake fluid into the vacuum side. EPIC cloud of white smoke!

Aaaand of course said booster was held on with a dog chain so I had to remount the new one correctly (parts is parts!)

Had to get a couple specialized grade 8 bolts, and one stud/bolt combo for mounting the tail of the booster…it weighs in at over 60 pounds so was … difficult … to hold up and install bolts…

When hooking it up…
Very large vacuum line disintegrated in my hand. Replaced segment between booster and check valve.

Noticed vacuum line had been cut/reattached to engine and was now too short, so had kinked at engine.

Replaced segment between engine and check valve. (New 12 feet of vacuum line total!)

Broke said check valve getting old crumbly vacuum line off.

Replaced said check valve. Auto parts guy says (as I hand him the check valve on my fifth trip for odd parts), “Now you’re just testing me!”

Figured out intake side of air for booster (another hose that goes up behind drivers seat) has no filter on it. Find one that will work. (“I have not *begun* to test you!”)

Bleed bleed bleed bleed bleed (one extra as there is a bleeder on the booster itself).

WaaLAA! Brakes! Good brakes! Power brakes even! Brakes that stop this 17,000 pound beast in an actual straight line! WEEEEEEE!

It DOES make it ever so much easier to deploy the bucket on needed work when you can ACTUALLY stop the truck at the jobsite.

It’s the little things that are luxuries.

Hark! Onward to the next universe endangering project!


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