Free Electricity–an update to the update!

Heh…once again it’s obvious that once you get through the bureaucratic hurdles and actually get to the working man, things can get done.

An update to the update:

Less than an hour after I called Oncor today, we had a new meter installed at the Old Vic. No muss, no fuss, no threats about costs and billing. Simple…Hey, lookee! Bad meter! Let’s just replace that thing there…

Why that couldn’t have happened with the very first phone call, is a question for the ages.

Brand new meter!

A new meter installed, less than an hour after I made the call...

Done. Less than an hour from the call, and power was only off for seconds. Pretty amazing, and that’s the way things *should* work. Kudos!

So…Oncor…your guy on the truck…you know…the guy that actually *does* stuff? Give him a raise, and toss a few bureaucrats and policy writers out, will ya?

So…my questions from the last post:

1) Will I have power at the end of the week? Check!
2) With the correct provider?
3) Will they fix the problem? Check!
4) Will they try to bill me for fixing their problem?

1 and 3 are taken care of…by the guy that actually works…
2 and 4, well those are up to the bureaucrats. We’ll see…

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