Economic Reality

I struggle to achieve great…or at least interesting things. Life is so much, well, more…that way.

Surviving I’ve got covered. I could handle surviving since I was about 12 years old.

Living is what I’m after. Building. Doing. Dreaming. Achieving.

Doing so often puts me near the edge. Unfortunately when playing near the edge it’s pretty easy to get knocked off.

I plan for that…treading the edge is best done with good preparation and reserves for things that don’t go my way…

But I can’t plan for everything or simply put, I’d accomplish nothing. Many folks spend all their lives planning.

But no matter how good at planning I am (or not), there are things out of my realm of influence. They can knock me off the edge too.

It’s never just one thing…it’s usually three…one I can handle, two I can juggle…and if the third comes along before I manage the other two, I can get knocked for a loop.

And the third thing has come.

Throttling back…cutting costs…holding ground, and hoping it will be enough. I’m disappointed. I want things to move faster, yet I’m going to have to slow them down.

As icing on the cake, as part of dealing with it, I know I’ve let down family…and I’ve probably let down a friend.

Project wise, it’s going to set us back a year or so. That’ll be okay, it’s a long term project and when we can’t work, it’s still a peaceful place to rest, recuperate, and write.

I’d blame my job…but that’s actually against company policy nowadays and I’m the one that keeps working at it, some 26 years or so now…so who’s really to blame after-all?

It’s gonna be a difficult year.

Of course…”difficult” often makes things “interesting”…and the dreaming hasn’t stopped.

Keep watching. Interesting things are afoot…

(or buy a couple thousand books for you and your friends…that’ll help!)

Daniel Meyer

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