Rescued a good friend Monday…

Working on the Old Vic Monday…got a call. A good friend of mine was in trouble and I had the tools to help out.

Seems some high winds the night before blew my friend around a bit…and while not injured, my friend was hung up and nobody could get close enough to help.

Bonus…got to drive my bucket truck on the sidewalk too! It’s not every day I get to wrangle a 18,000 pound truck on the sidewalks through the center of the city square.  Weeeeee!

Left-handed Fargle-snorkers DO occasionally come in handy.

The right tools make the job ever SO much easier…

Note the official VRCC Inzane shirt…(expecting my residual checks from VRCC staff any day now 😀 )

Some wiring for holiday lights had come loose, and the Flag had wrapped pretty good in the ends of it, and then somehow managed to flip the entire set up and snag on a guy wire. Must have been some serious winds. It was VERY stuck. The city couldn’t lower the flag and nobody (not even the fire department) had a tall enough ladder to safely reach it.

Flag rescue

Flag rescue

Another bonus…all you electrician types know…treat all electrical wiring as live. Fortunately my card says, “Author, Adventurer, Electrician”.

Tangled in electrical lines

Tangled in electrical lines

You can see here just how wrapped it was…

Stuck tight

Stuck tight!

Annnd…we’re Free!



Took longer to untangle it than it did to set up the truck, but in the end, no harm done. Nobody died, and “…the Flag was still there.”

The snag on the guy was a single puncture in a folded edge seam so there is no damage…the weave closed right back up. I tied the errant electrical wiring back up out of the way. I even managed not to smush anything with the bucket truck! Plants, planters, poles, statues, cars, trucks, and Chamber of Commerce presidents all survived!

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