Who are you?

Who are you…and why are you taking pictures of the back of our house?

The driver of this van was shooting pictures of the Old Vic yesterday evening. (click for bigger):

Who are you?

He rapidly skedaddled when our friend (who shot this pic) tried to ask him what was what. That’s what makes this a bit suspicious…well, that and the plain-Jane unmarked white van (THE van of choice for nefarious dealings everywhere).

A casual picture taker/cool-house-picture-taker-type would be shooting the front or interesting features, not so much the back of the house…AND be willing to chat with our friend about what they were doing.

Same with a tax or insurance appraiser, and THEY would be in a marked vehicle anyway.

An insurance appraiser would notify us first as well.

City vehicles/personnel are marked and again, they would be willing to explain themselves.

So what gives? If you’re legit, give us a call, shoot us an email, make an appointment, or be willing to chat with us or our friends.

If you’re not legit, knock it off. You’re creeping people out, our home is our castle, and we Texan’s tend to take that sort of thing somewhat seriously.

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