Oy! What’s with the house?

Some of you may be wondering…why no recent posts strictly about the house?

Well…remember the one about scraping paint?

Yeah, we’re still there. We’ve done some other things…the standard yard work, cleanup (this weekend was our town’s big cleanup week, which meant we could take some things to the city yard for disposal), and I’m certain we’ve re-glazed at least one window pane.

But…The 2010 Clarksville Fine Arts Festival is coming up (and I expect to see y’all there), and that meant several things.

1) We are going to have a houseful of guests. That means getting at least a couple of the rooms of the house marginally habitable, right? After-all, we can’t really expect our guests to scrape paint, vacuum the room, and find a bed to set up…or can we? Hmmmm….
2) We wanted to finish the siding on the tower of our building on the square…at least for the most part. Since the courthouse is actually not in the the square’s center, that leaves our tower as a focal point…and it looked terrible. Now it looks better!

Anyway, haven’t posted much about the work on the house at this moment simply because even though it’s going on…none of it really yielded interesting articles and pictures.

We’re almost done scraping the sun-room. It looks truly cancerous now. I can’t wait to actually prime it. THEN you’ll have some pictures!

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