Whoosh! (the sound of money departing at high speed and volume)

I ordered the shakes for our 1880’s Gothic Debatable tower today. I’m replacing all the cedar on it. Got some trim work around the edge of the roof to do as well. Oh, and a couple pieces of tin to fabricate.

The tower

The tower

12 cartons…96 shingles/carton. 3 different patterns (fancy-ing this up just a bit).

I’m pretty sure they are a thin cedar veneer over a solid gold substrate (based on cost).

Shipped in from Canada.

So, I’ve got the tools…

The Left Handed Fargle Snorker is ready to work

Higher and higher!

Higher and higher!

…and will shortly have the material.

That about does in my spring budget…


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  1. LOL! Sounds like our place! Fortunately, by the time you get all that installed, there will be budget again. You know the old house revolver? No budget, plenty of time. No time, plenty of-no wait-make that SOME-budget!

    Love the new projects and when I have budget again, you can autograph me a set of books! 🙂

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