Big day…

Big day tomorrow.

I’m writing a “heap-big-check”…

Well, big at least, when compared to the monthly cable bill or something LOL!

We’re closing on this tomorrow…

New Headquarters

New Headquarters

Some More Pics

This has vast implications on my writing/books/etc.

Among other things…(art studio, coffee shop, Internet cafe)…it is the new world-wide headquarters for Stormrider Press!

Daniel Meyer

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4 Responses to Big day…

  1. Bryce Lee says:

    I assume by your purchase other things are in the works?
    The pharmacy has a long term lease? I hope.
    By writing a piece of paper transferring monetary funds
    from your bank account to somebody else’s bank account means either
    you’ve lost it all, sold the Valk, are leaving your current employer
    or have decided to raise Maine Coon Cats in Texas.
    Any or all of the above?

    And, before I forget, Merry Christmas to you and your young wife.

    Bryce Lee
    Burlington, Ontario
    Canada, eh?

    no snow here, yet.
    However quite cold.

  2. Daniel Meyer says:

    Hi Bryce,

    The Pharmacy moved out last month. I bought it from them. The moved into a new (larger) building just south of the square.

    I choose option “E”…none (or all) of the above.

    I’ve not lost it all (yet), I still have the job (for now), and I can hardly keep up with one Maine Coone, much less a hoard of them.

    Got some renovating to do…then I’ll start on my retirement fund.

    Daniel Meyer

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