Something’s nagging at me…

*glances at the calendar*


*stares hard at the calendar*

Good gravy…a year.

*ponders that a bit*

We’ve owned the Old Vic for a year?

*fights down panic a bit*

Yep, a year. Where DOES the time go?

We closed on the Old Vic December 1, 2008.

We still believe we made the right choice.

Looking back, it’s a curious mix of a LOT accomplished and not getting enough done.

The major problems in the house are corrected. New electric service is in, new plumbing is on the way in, the utility room has been roughed in…we have lights and switches and doors galore! Woo!

What’s next? Well some bathroom work…the half bath under the stairs…the completion of the utility room…the house is livable now…maybe it’s time to move there.


We’re happy with the progress this year…and hope for even more next!

Daniel Meyer
(good gawd…a year!?)

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