Somehow, someday…they *will* pay for this…

Orange Harbinger of Death to Wads of Paper here…except the humans pronounce it “Geronimo”, or occasionally, “the caffeinated kitten”.

Apparently I was broken and I got fixed today.

A Cone of Shame! They put me in a Cone of Shame! I mean…for a DOG certainly! They should always wear one as far as I’m concerned…but it’s simply undignified for a cat!

The cone of shame is giving me manoeuvrability issues…high-speed manoeuvrability issues…and airborn manoeuvrability issues…

Much crashing about is ensuing…

The only reason I’ve not shredded them where they stand is they scratch my ears for me (can’t reach ’em in the friggen Cone ARGGGHHHH!).

And the drugs. The GOOOD kitty drugs…I’m positively loopy…and “just a little more” hyper then usual. I never realized before today that I could actually fly!

*Zoinks* And awaaaayyy! (wheeeeeeeeeee!)

Cone of shame....

Cone of shame....

About Orange Harbinger of Death to Wads of Paper

I am the bringer of death, I have named myself so. The big ones...the humans...I have chosen to transport me, feed me, stroke me, praise me, and serve as subjects for my surprise attacks (toes are my favorite) for some reason pronounce my name, "Geronimo".
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2 Responses to Somehow, someday…they *will* pay for this…

  1. Bryce Lee says:

    The cat leak couldn’t have been that bad.
    Or did the cat do something to itself that
    means a scratch or an itch or future
    future problems?
    Or is your male cat now an “it” cat?

    As to the loopy drugs, now that is bad, sure
    you the owner didn’t take the drugs?

    My brother lives in Bellaire Texas (part of great Houston)
    He had a dumb spaniel
    and an orange cat. The dog expired some years ago
    the cat still haunts the house and the neighbourhood.
    And it is ORANGE, a proper colour for a proper cat.

    As for when I get down to the republic of Texas again
    maybe your orange cat by that time will have settled down to being a
    normal orange cat. Now that I think of it;
    none of the orange cats I maintain (Note I did
    not say own) are normal;
    but then neither is their owner!

    Bryce Lee in Burlington Ontario, Canada,
    where winter is fast approaching with cold, snow
    and ice. Ever seen a cat walk on ice?
    Most interesting!

  2. Daniel Meyer says:

    Hey Brice, yeah, he got “fixed” and is an “it” now.

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