We were apparently assigned two…

Well, in the end, we only got one.

See, two, is too many. Two, is nearly as many cats as I’ve owned in my lifetime (3)…and I still have one of those.

Okay, well, 4 cats if we count the one that came with the house…

My cats tend to last a while.

Lesseeeee….”Fruitloop”…the tortoise shell that my sister brought home from the pound for my mom…like when I was 15. She hid in my room until I moved out. Came with me then too. Had that cat 21 years. She survived a house fire (the only thing that did besides the shirt on my back) and she drank Jack Daniels.

Then there was Motocat <-link ...the acquisition of that cat involves desert motorcycle runs, the cops, the military, and is a story all its own (at the link). She only made it 8 years...probably because she didn't drink Jack Daniels. Casper (pic at the link) is the 22 pound Maine Coon…when I got him he would fit in the palm of my hand. He’s 15 or so now and still going strong. If, that is, he survives the heart stress test the kitten is providing by randomly mock-attacking him from every conceivable location, direction, and angle.

Gina came with the house…and she lasted till we killed her with poisoned defective cat food. She made it 15 or 16 years with us. Her story is here.

So, my Mom had a surplus of kittens. They had progressed to the “lanky” stage instead of the “cute fluffball” stage, so she was having problems finding homes for them all.

My Mom…conspiring with my wife determined we needed a new kitten…Since we were down to “only one” cat…indeed, “only one” pet at all since our ancient black lab (yeah, our dogs tend to last a while as well), Zerbert left us. Sad day…that.

Anyway, you probably didn’t really need the 40 year history of pets in the Meyer Casa…but it is partly to point out that we don’t take our acquisition or maintenance of our pets lightly…

So…the kitten…a pound and a quarter of long legs, big feet, boundless energy, and the rest is made of “Absolutely No Fear Whatsoever” came with the name “Geronimo”. After taking him with us to the Old Vic this weekend, we feel he may have earned an update.

Meet, “Geronimo Caffeinated Banzai”, captured here in the only time I’ve seen him still since we got him.

The new kitten...

The new kitten...

It only took 2 days of rampaging around the 4000 sq/ft Old Vic and several hundred miles of car trips to tucker him out. (This state lasted about a half an hour.)

Out of gas.

Out of gas.

Oh, and apparently they stretch like taffy. How can such a little kitten become this long?

Stretch like Taffy?

Stretch like Taffy?

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