Destruction Slated

On the agenda this weekend…the shed must die.

Destroying this:

The shed must die...

The shed must die...

I will be SO glad to see that thing gone…

Gonna start a deck in it’s place, so we can enter/exit by way of the new French doors…then I can install the window in place of the old door (framing is there, just needs some fine tuning).

I’ll post more pictures when I have pictures that actually show some improvement for a change!

Also a big shout of thanks out to my Dad and Jean for their help last weekend. We got lots of framing and paint stripping done.

Soon…sooooooon (rubs hands together) we’ll have something that looks nice instead of apart…

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3 Responses to Destruction Slated

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  2. rainewalker says:

    We encountered those bees when I was a kid. We never knew what they were so we called them “black bumbles”. Is that YOUR hand with the male on it? *creeped out*

    I agree the house looks much cleaner without the eyesore lean-to. The deck will be great…like an additional room’s floorspace.

  3. Daniel Meyer says:


    Not my hand…I swiped that pic from the ‘net as I couldn’t get the bees still enough to get a decent picture.


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