Hey! No injuries this weekend!

I sure am going to have strong arms when I finish scraping the Sunroom ceiling though!

Scraping the sunroom

Scraping the sunroom

Got the wiring in (mostly), and the cans in…and the ceiling repaired…now I just need to scrape every surface in the entire room, prime and paint. Phew! That scraped area represents about an hour’s worth. Very hot this weekend…temps in the 103 range for a high…even with AC it is HOT near the ceiling (no insulation in that room yet).

On the wiring…now I just need to pull the old knob and tube circuit to this area and hot up the new stuff…oh and a trip into the depths of hell the attic is needed to pull in the smoke and CO alarm feeds. Hmmm. Got to enlarge the access hole first (sigh) so I can get my rotund self in there.

Incremental…but it’s progress!

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