A sense of urgency…

I don’t know why…but I have this sense of urgency about the project…like I *must* get (insert whatever list of stuff needs done here) completed *right now*.

Since there is a LOT to do about the house, you can probably imagine this is causing me some strife.

I’ve got wiring to do, air-conditioning to install, the utility room project, glass to glaze, windows to mount, *more* windows to repair, grounds to maintain, etc. This is just the stuff that needs doing that I have the materials/tools/whatever on hand to do. I need to get paint for the sunroom (whose ceiling, BTW, is currently swiss-cheese due to the stages of installation of a whole slew of light fixtures), more trim, a hot-water heater, sink, vanity, and toilet for the half bath…and so on.

Outside there’s trees to trim, a lawn to keep cut, minor maintenance on the house exterior to keep it in shape pending actual repair/restoration.

Oh, and then there’s another possible major project…sorta-kinda house related…definitely life changing…certianly on the scale of the Old Vic project…gad, what am I thinking? Must I *always* push myself to the limits of my abilities (time, skills, money)? LOL!

More on that later.

The urgency is artificial…unless my subconcious has picked up on something I have not and is driving me for a reason. Hmmmm. Ponderings are afoot I suppose…but really, I just need to focus on each segment at hand. The whole is overwhelming, but I just need to look at it enough to focus on a segment, then gnaw on that till it’s done. That works amazingly well.

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