If I pretend a little, I’m done painting the dormer!

Well, here’s a pic after this weekend’s work:

Painted...well...mostly painted...

Painted...well...mostly painted...

If you pretend the sill has been painted the same color as the trim against the roof line (very dark slate blue), and that I’ve given that same piece of trim up against the roof a second coat…then I finished the painting this weekend.

Finished! Okay, yeah, I know…to really be finished I actually have to paint the sill….and actually put the second coat on the trim…but, well, small victories. Some color is on, and we can see how good it will look as we progress.

Also, well, it’s kind of cool that there’s no more pieces falling off this part of the house.

So, once again, I’m now ready to work on the windows. Lesse…..I pulled the first set of sashes on…(looks it up)…gad…February 19 or so. Next weekend will be roughly two months…8 weekends…of work…to get to the point where I can actually work on the windows themselves LOL!

It’s not really all that bad…1st off, the dormer is done. Everything is attached…all the cracked or severely weathered wood has been replaced…missing trim pieces (and wasp hidey holes) have been sealed up.

Everything was stripped to bare wood, primed, caulked, and painted. Shouldn’t have to work on this one much for a while.

We’ve also been wiring, and doing other stuff on those weekends as well…much cleaning and hauling away of junk too…we threw away several hundred pounds of vinyl siding scraps that were stored UNDER the house for some reason…(better under than on LOL!)

All this was under the house…and this was the first cleaning. Second and third ones followed.

Junk under house

Junk under house

And just for grins…(and because it’s kind of exciting to have something that looks finished), a before picture for comparison.



More later!

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