Surprise Blooms

Apparently there are some plants that are somewhat confused at the season…ya know…80 degrees one day, 30 the next, 80 the day after (maybe 20 this week so they say…)

Anyway…some surprise blooms at the Old Vic…came up under the scaffolding whilst I was working on the eave (priming it and reflashing the roof this weekend)…

Daniel Meyer

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  1. spiderlady says:

    Hey Daniel- can’t wait to watch as you work on your ‘new’ house- it’s beautiful already!
    I think these are snowdrops – at least that’s what we call them here. I’ve had tons of them blooming over the last weeks, when the temps drop way down. they sure are pretty!
    by the way, if you need some spider lilies (you know, spider lilies from the Spider Lady – LOL), I’ll be glad to drop some bulbs in the mail to you – here’s the type I have- – they’re easy to grow, and to me, are an old fashioned flower, so they’d fit with your house. once you plant them, they spread out quickly…

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