The light at the end of the…attic?

Day 4 dawns…and I’ve figured out how to make coffee again in one try. I call this an achievement. Work’s been requiring input, my woman’s in another city, as is my mistress (the Valk), and my third love (this house) is in pieces all over the place.

With no release and little rest…well…making coffee is about as complex as it gets.

Sunrise, day 4

Sunrise, day 4

It’s me that’s slightly tilted…

Not enough coffee yet.

Not enough coffee yet.

I can still see large swaths of light in my attic…and it’s still disconcerting. (the shiny is not wet…that’s an IR sheet over the kitchen).

Looking out a hip-roof...

Looking out a hip-roof…

The crew shows up promptly at sunrise and immediately begins working.

South-side guy puts out!

South-side guy puts out!

The Siamese girls that run the household (singin’, “We are Siamese if you please…we are Siamese if you DON’T please…”) have not been one iota concerned about the horrendous noises, crashes, and bangs all week. Frankly I figured they’d be basket cases. I guess they must figure I’ve got that covered enough for all of us.

Construction Cats

Construction Cats, as worked up as they seem to get.

Random stat: Ten large pepperoni pizzas…$87. These guys have been making so much progress I figured I’d spring for lunch.


They brought me the spire late today…this is a good thing. Given the condition of Cuernos del diablo I figured it was going to have some condition issues and I’d need time to fix it.

The Spire....

The Spire….

Just getting several coats of paint on it is going to take some time.

This thing is about 7 feet tall!

This thing is about 7 feet tall!

Turns out I was right. A substantial crack and rusted out area right in the middle of it (where the white stuff is in the picture above) had seriously compromised it. It needed far more work than I thought.

A closeup of the spire flags...just because.

A closeup of the spire flags…just because.

Since the tower work had started, they figured they’d need it back tomorrow afternoon. That’s less than 24 hours away!

Tower work starts.

Tower work starts.

Looks like I had some homework again…

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