The Stats

Curious about the stats?

It’s a big roof…and complex.



-60 square of shingles…and I kid you not…there were only three shingles left over.
-180 sheets of Techshield decking.
-500+ feet of eaves.
-425 feet of ridge.
-250 feet of valleys.
-56 facets or exposures to this roof!
-Majority of the roof is 12/12 pitch…or 45 degrees.

The shingle used is GAF Sienna in their “Harbor Mist” color. It is a lifetime shingle.

Service First is a certified installer for the GAF system and all components of the roof are GAF installed to their specifications.

Ice and water shield used under all the valleys, which are exposed W channel. Double protection. Extra care was taken in all the known problem areas of the house. Liberal use of ice and water shield, high-end underlay, 6-nailed shingles (for pitch and wind resistance).

I figure there is more than 800 man-hours in this roof…80 man-hours on the tower alone. NOT a small project.

Yep, we paid a bit…but we got what we paid for.

(aerial views of the old roof to show the sheer size and complexity)

Now…on to the next project!

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