One, two…

Making a *tapered* column plumb on a curvy Victorian house that wasn’t necessarily built square/plumb in the first place is a challenge…but column # 1 was installed on Friday.

I also cut column # 2 to length and embarked on its “prime dry prime dry prime dry attach endcaps” regimen.

Fits right in!

Fits right in!

The ordeal of putting multiple coats of primer on Column # 2 was made more interesting as all the neighborhood cats came to visit…and some insisted in helping. Slinging paint at cylinder with a couple cats doing figure eights around your ankles while others sit by offering helpful advice or encouragement can be fun!

I can’t wait till it’s time to stain the back deck.

A few hours of priming, painting, and installing endcaps later I got the second column installed.

I also did a bunch of trim work, puttying of nail-holes, lots of caulking, etc in the area.

Everything still needs a finish coat of paint, but I’ve also got SO MUCH more trim to put up against the soffit…much of which is…of course…a strange size (4-1/2″ for the initial trim). I’ve got to get some 1×6 and rip it down for that.

SO much missing trim...

SO much missing trim…

There is SO much missing trim to do that I expect I’ll give everything a finish coat of paint first…as the primer isn’t supposed to be left uncoated for more than a couple weeks…and then maybe hit the major stuff first and circle back around to the trim and fine details.

I imagine weather will interfere here shortly as well.

Not sure if I’ll start the underpinning or move on to the next section of porch next (more structural work there). I have SOME materials for each direction…but not enough for either…so it’s a harder decision than it should be.

And of course…once I get the underpinning on…I’ll be right back where I started at the beginning of the year…needing to install railings.

Sigh. It’s a process.

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