Didn’t get much done this weekend since we were too busy getting thoroughly rained upon…seriously…something like 12 inches in 48 hours. Fortunately, Serious Roof is serious…and I can’t tell you how happy I am that all the rain stays on the outside!

When the weather did break I spent some time coating the insides of the new porch columns with oil-based paint (as they require). I have to use a mop to reach inside to do it. A $1.99 one from the dollar store serves nicely.

Thing is, this is 30-40 year old oil-based paint that came hidden in a nook (or possibly a cranny) of the Cupola Art building (no, it doesn’t have lead in it).

Once mixed up it’s perfectly serviceable and this is a great use for it, particularly since nobody will ever see it again. This saves me around $45-55 bucks for a gallon of paint to do this job!

It is called “Meteor Maroon” and it is a truly hideous color. It looks like I’ve slaughtered somebody on my lawn.

The blood of my enemies?

The blood of my enemies?

Bathing in the blood of my enemies. Seems like a good name for a paint color…or perhaps a band.

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